Communications Training

If you need to improve your communication softskills, learn how to set up SMART goals for your organisation or understand the ways you can reach different types of audiences then I can help you.

Training courses

Basics for communication professionals »

This course teaches fundamental principles with regards to all areas of communication: defining target groups and measurable targets, outlining ways of communication and setting up communication strategies for various target groups.

Contents: SMART goals, means of communication - their advantages and disadvantages, how to conduct negotiations, goal oriented disputation, presentation skills, VAKOG –  (visual, auditory, kinetic, olfactrory and gustatory oriented people), You/WE/I principle.

It is suitable for anyone who wants to learn more about communication and how it can be used inside and outside of an organization.

Advanced Softskills for Communication professionals »

Background information and models of communications, development of communication strategies and their implementation, conflict resolution and value models

Contents: Storytelling, nonverbal communication, hard and soft use of language, moments of excellence, learning styles, the power of suggestion, creation and retention of flow, change perspectives.
Media training: The life of a journalist »

Introduction to the world of journalism, means of communication, publication styles, do‘s and don’ts, press events and conferences, interviews, solving conflicts.

Fundamentals of Public Relations »

Introduction to Public Relations, communicating with different target groups, managing events, marketing, advertising, PR and communications strategies and tactics, traditional and digital means of communication, objective setting.

Presentation training »

Delivering convincing presentations to different target groups at all levels. Learn how to engage 10 to 100 or 500 listeners. Reach your target group on an emotional as well as a rational level.

Development of the presentation, tailoring the presentation to the needs of the target audience, how to deal with difficult questions, role taking in group presentations, timing, review of your recorded presentation.

Information »

Each training course will be tailored according to the needs of the participants. Before preparing the course we will define together what is needed and what the focus and content should be for your clients or participating staff.

Each training session lasts at least 6 hours and includes exercises. It can be extended up to two working days depending on the strategic goals and the number of participants.

All trainings can be run in German or English